Stories in Action and the NZ Curriculum for learning

Links with NZC and Te Whāriki when you use Stories in Action

We have based all our resources, book, games, and practical sessions around these areas of the NZC and Te Whāriki:

New Zealand Curriculum
- Science
- Social Science
- English
- Drama
- Dance.

Key Competencies:
- Thinking
- Relating to others
- Understanding Te Reo
- Managing oneself
- Participating and contributing.

Te Whāriki
Strands covered in Te Whāriki:
- Exploration
- Communication
- Contribution. 

Example - NZC Science

Using our Waterfalls and Pipes game, children participate in the activity 'Who am I?', where the purpose is for young people to ask questions to identify what the card holds.
Strand - Living World
Topic - Ecology
Achievement objective - recognise living things are suited to their environment
Learning intention - identify flora, fauna and pests in a river ecosystem
Key competencies - thinking, participating and contributing

Example - Te Whāriki

Playing our Waterfalls and Pipes game, three and four year olds are required to match creature cards with others. In this game they are exploring 'what are creatures' as team mates talk to them and give them clues to help with matching.  Teacher's empower and enable young people to be Ecological Warriors. As young people get into the world of a longfin eel they fully embrace this creature while reading about it's journey and the challenges it faces.  Everyone learns about New Zealand’s endemic creatures, and become inspired to retain them. The natural next step is to work towards New Zealand being predator free, and as a community look at halting the speed of global warming. 

Exploring nature

After reading Let's Go Eels, this group of children went out and explored eels in their natural habitat. Here you can see the eels feeding, and splashing through the river...


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