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Let's Go Eels ~ Me Haere Taua Tuna

Told from a Taniwha’s point of view, Let’s Go Eels shares the longfin eel's (tuna in Māori) journey from river hole to the South Fiji Basin 5000km away. The Taniwha is the Kaitiaki (guardian) of the river and the tuna. You are left in no doubt as to the incredibleness of the longfin eel and will be eager to learn more.

Let's Go Eels is a mix of fun facts and pure imagination. Incorporating Te Reo, the book shows off our beautiful New Zealand landscape through photos and illustrations.

Tuna are in every river and are an indicator species for a healthy river. Tuna are the top predator in the freshwater ecosystem, which means no predators prey on the large adults (except humans). They swim, climb, travel and can be befriended.

Let's Go Eels is suitable for all New Zealanders, young people aged 8 plus can read it on their own. It generates awareness of tuna, increases knowledge of our rivers, inspires a love of learning and nature, which can be taken out into our environment.

Let's Go Eels ties in beautifully with the New Zealand School Curriculum Key Competencies and Te Whaariki read how here.

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Feedback on Let's Go Eels

"I was impressed with the levels of engagement and focus on our all-important key competencies.  The cooperative activities also provided a great platform for follow up and classroom discussion."
- Vicki Smith ~ Associate Principal, Churchill Park School

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