Get active with board games and help save our unique New Zealand flora and fauna

Māori lived in Aotearoa for 1000 years before Europeans arrived. They looked after nature and nature looked after them. They connected with eels (tuna) and rivers. 

In the Stories in Action board game's we honour the Māori Whakatauākī:

“I am the river and the river is me, Ko au te awa, ko te awa ko au”.

Solving ecological problems

It is time for us to use the Māori knowledge of centuries ago and save our longfin eels and our freshwater ecosystem.

In our games young people get to "play" in a river ecosystem, wondering and discovering. They get to solve ecological problems creatively as a team and ignite future learning around a river. 

Ideas and stories are asked for by young people. In a nature context young people will always inspire and delight.  We are also focussing them on taking leadership to have New Zealand be predator free by 2050.

Our games

Waterfalls and Pipes - (Ngā Waihīrere me ngā Kōrere) - Suitable for 3-12 year olds. As an eel a player travels from the river mouth to the waterhole. They learn about New Zealand flora and fauna. Watch out for pests along the way.

Me Haere Taua Tuna - (Let's Go Eels) - Suitable for 8 years plus. This is a cooperative board game where the player starts as larvae in the South Fiji Basin. The mission, with the help of a Taniwha and Māori gods is to navigate yourself from the South Fiji Basin to the river hole.

Expansion sets
Additional expansion sets of cards are available to give the games additional scope.

Who am I information cards
Teachers and children use these cards to gather more information on plants, creatures and pests in the river. They can match with the book and level 1 game.

  • Creature Feature cards
  • Flora Explorer cards
  • Arrest the Pest cards
  • Hazard cards

Kaiako Activities - Action Faction Cards
Art and drama activities for teachers.

We also have the Let's Go Eels book available for purchase.

Board games to learn and grow

Imagine you have a healthy river in your area...
Our games generate awareness, increase knowledge, grow a love of learning and of nature. Young people then take their learning out into their communities and transform them. They can plant trees, monitor water, teach games to others, make up games and lead the world with becoming predator free by 2050.

Children learn valuable skills:

  • Problem solving skills
  • Collaborative learning
  • Games combine the curriculum and nature as children play and learn together

Our games combine the curriculum and nature as young people, and teens, play and learn together. 

  • While playing our board games we weave in Wellbeing | Mana atua, Belonging | Mana whenua, Contribution | Mana tangata, Communication | Mana reo, and Exploration | Mana aotūroa from Te Whāriki
  • We weave in Science, Social Studies, Hauora, English, Arts, and the Key Competencies from NZCRead more on our Curriculum links here.

​Why purchase board games for learning?

Game-based learning is constructivist  - it allows for creativity, sensitivity and imagination (even socio-constructivist) learning - it shows creativity, sensitivity and imagination through interaction with others. It is built on theories such as situated learning, experiential learning and activity theory. 
Read more in our blog post here.

Me Haere Taua Tuna - Feedback

We'd like to share the following feedback received about Let's Go Eels and Me Haere Taua Tuna, at the New Frontiers Programme in April 2018:

"Alone we are a spark, together we are like a fire that will blaze!," Amelia (12 years old) told her mum after participating in the launch.  "All those people I met were there as a collection of individuals, with bright ideas to work on as a "community" and each idea was linked together to strengthen the chain of bigger ideas to help solve the bigger issues in the world," Amelia continued.

Amelia’s Mum told us "It made me proud of Amelia and I thought she opened up bigger conversations than she normal about the different types of people in the world. She was "in awe of the lady" (Robin Kermode) who designed the game.
- Denise & Amelia - New Frontiers Programme.

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