Save our endemic species through play

Mā te raweke me te tākaro, ka whai oranga ai ā tātou tūmomo kararehe Māori

Stories in Action resources give young people the opportunity to grow their potential

Key outcomes of our games

  • Communicate better and see life from another viewpoint
  • Experience an appreciation for a group of people with the same focus
  • Deal effectively with peer pressure and make their own choices   
  • See rules and agreements as a way to have life work
  • Know themselves as someone who makes a difference
  • Be responsible in a way that empowers themselves and others    
  • See risks and challenges of life from a different point of view and deal with them with greater effectiveness
  • Learn about the unique flora and fauna of New Zealand
  • Discover the river ecosystem 
  • Inspire a love of learning.

Our commitment

Our commitment is to empower young people to make the kind of difference they want to make.

We connect young people's love of nature, their imagination, and ability to play to create a new world around our rivers in New Zealand. We believe using young people’s abilities we can create new games for everyone to play to lead our country to be predator free by 2050.

Connecting young people and their love of nature

The importance of longfin eel for NZ rivers

The longfin eel is endemic to New Zealand and is declining in numbers as it reacts to diminishing wetlands and polluted rivers. While a natural river predator, it is important to our rivers because it helps keep the waterways clean for increased biodiversity. Stories in Action resource's give young people the opportunity to learn about the eel, its habitat, and the threats and opportunities it faces while navigating along the river to the South Fiji Basin - a 5000km journey made once in the eel's lifetime. 

Predator Free 2050

To help New Zealand in becoming predator free by 2050 we need young people as leaders. They engage with nature, know they are a part of nature and learn, through play.

Click here to read more about the pests NZ needs to eradicate to become Predator Free NZ by 2050.

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Incorporating Te Reo and Māori Taonga

Māori believe that water is an energy, with many moods. It can be calm and life-giving, or dangerous and destructive. This energy is called Tangaroa - ‘god of the sea’. (Read more on Te Ara here.)

Stories in Action helps young people connect with the history of Aotearoa, they become familiar with indigenous ways of looking after the land and explore ideas on protecting it for the future. Māori worked and sustained our rivers for hundreds of years, we can reinvigorate our land and seas when we look at what has worked throughout our history, while developing new knowledge and skills.

Te Reo is interspersed seamlessly in Let's Go Eels, Tangaroa and other gods feature in Me Haere Taua Tuna.

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Stories in Action brings together young people's love of nature and their imaginations, to create a new world around our rivers and a pathway to NZ being predator free.

An interactive initiative
Stories in Action is an interactive initiative designed for young people and adults to connect with each other and to nature by playing games (especially board games.) Together adults and young people discover a new connection to each other and nature, they generate ideas and learn how it is possible to sustain New Zealand’s ecosystem.

Use board games in your classroom today
Playing board games, playing drama games and creating stories, and board games using Stories in Action resources. Board games can have a positive impact in the classroom, what has been learnt can then be taken home, and out into the world. All our games and books have strong ties to the New Zealand Curriculum and Te Whāriki.


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