Play and Plant Workshops (Ko au te awa Ko te awa ko au)


Workshop Type

Classroom experience
Enjoy the experience of a Stories in Action leader, as they join the classroom teacher in their learning setting to discover river ecology and leadership using Let's Go Eels resources.**

Workshops for teachers
Intention: Each and every teacher builds up an eel/river vocabulary using a drama river game.

  • Teacher share ideas with a group to show a movement of a river creature.
  • Teachers “play games, especially board games” and experience being an eel.
  • Teachers describe and demonstrate a range of assertive skills and processes enabling them to interact with others using key competencies/Te Whāriki
  • Teachers demonstrate a willingness to accept challenges, learn new skillsand strategies and extend their abilities in their ability to play and learn.
This workshop has two parts, a preparatory session and a practical session.
In the prep session teachers receive a copy of Let’s Go Eels and websites on eels and river ecology to review, along with teaching notes (undertaken before the practical workshop).
In the three hour practical workshop teachers explore three practical classroom sessions of at least an hour each they can then use in the classroom, these sessions include:
  • Enter the ‘a river’ as a creature and interact with other creatures and create a river dance.
  • Play games and a board game.
  • Play the ‘Taniwha'
  • Plant a seed in a cup (take it home and watch it grow) after six months replant by a river that needs it.
  • Review and reflect on what they have seen and acknowledge one another.

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  • Professional Development Workshop
    - $65/staff member
  • Professional Development Workshop
    - $1,200 - Full staff
  • Classroom experience - up to 30 children, includes a copy of Let's Go Eels book
    - $200

** Available in the greater Auckland region.

*** Outside Auckland, travel costs will apply.

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