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What's polluting our urban harbours and streams?

The Environment Ministry's landmark Our Fresh Water 2017 report concluded New Zealand's most degraded streams were in urban areas. Nikki Macdonaldinvestigates the state of the Wellington region's streams and harbours, and what's ailing them.Read more here:

November 3, 2018

Predator Free 2050

Predator Free 2050 is an ambitious goal to rid New Zealand of the most damaging introduced predators that threaten our nation’s natural taonga, our economy and primary sector. Read more at DOC here. It will deliver many benefits for the health of our natural environment, our people and our economy.Watch the video to learn why our native wildlife is so susceptible to introduced mammals....

July 3, 2018

Meet Willie - Waiheke's Eel

This is Willie. Rob, who you see in the photos, has fed and talked to Willie for twenty years at the Waiheke Eel Sanctuary. We were keen to learn more about her, and produce a documentary on eels, so we started by measuring her.  She was 1.8 metres long, which makes her 100 years old. Longfin eels grow 1-2cm every year, which is how we can be accurate with her age.Robin arranged for a film crew and had her script ready when huge storms struck Waiheke Island, streams turned into bigger ...

June 29, 2018

Longfin Eel at Risk

This site talks about the longfin eel being ‘At Risk - Declining’ in the New Zealand Threat Classification System listings (2009). They are heavily affected by human activities, such as pollution, the building of dams, loss of vegetation near their habitat, and overfishing.

June 29, 2018

Longfin eel fun facts and further information

What do the longfin eel (tuna) look like, what do they eat, where do they live.  This site provides answers to these questions and many more. site talks about what sort of features the eel environment needs to have.

June 29, 2018

Encyclopaedia of NZ

This website is like a national geographic magazine. It is the Encyclopaedia of New Zealand and if you type 'rivers' in the search you will get some good books to read on early settlers and rivers, and what rivers mean to the Māori people. There are also some great pictures (see above) of eels and eel information specific to New Zealand.

June 29, 2018

Games and Learning - Why Board Games?

Games and learning : why play? Non-digital gamesGames can be used for learning, including board games, card games, role-playing games, etc. Game-based learning is constructivist  - it shows creativity and sensitivity and imagination (even socio-constructivist) learning - it shows creativity, sensitivity and imagination through interaction with others.  It is built on theories such as situated learning, experiential learning and activity theory. In situated learning,...

June 29, 2018

Bringing Back the Wolves

Having no longfin eels in our rivers is similar to having no wolves in Yellowstone National Park.  The whole ecology changes. For us in New Zealand we would end up with carp taking over, resulting in even more polluted waterways....

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