This is Willie. Rob, who you see in the photos, has fed and talked to Willie for twenty years at the Waiheke Eel Sanctuary. We were keen to learn more about her, and produce a documentary on eels, so we started by measuring her.  She was 1.8 metres long, which make...
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Longfin Eel at Risk

June 29, 2018
This site talks about the longfin eel being ‘At Risk - Declining’ in the New Zealand Threat Classification System listings (2009). They are heavily affected by human activities, such as pollution, the building of dams, loss of vegetation near their ha...
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What do the longfin eel (tuna) look like, what do they eat, where do they live.  This site provides answers to these questions and many more. site talks about what sort of features the eel environment needs to have.https://www....
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Bringing Back the Wolves

June 29, 2018
Having no longfin eels in our rivers is similar to having no wolves in Yellowstone National Park.  The whole ecology changes. For us in New Zealand we would end up with carp taking over, resulting in even more polluted waterways....
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